The Davian Wetlands

The Davian Wetlands | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint


Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 time unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-20)

The Davian Wetlands are a beautiful ruin awash in the greens and blues of nature. Nestled north of the Aquapolis, they have been sealed away for many a year due to the most dangerous relics contained within.

Stage 2

(Level 21-30)

Davia was where an ancient civilization clashed with dragons. Dangerous weapons that took countless lives and upset the natural order were kept in its fort—until the day a great dragon laid waste to them.

Stage 3

(Level 31-40)

Thus did Fort Davia fall. Raging winds and heavy rains fell upon the ancient battlefield for years, eventually transforming it into a lovely wetland. How might those in ages beyond find the remains of that bitter war?

Stage 4

(Level 41-50)

Once a battlefield where blood flowed red, Davia had been reborn as a cradle of life. Yet it is said the relics of its history sleep within the ruins even now, as the beacon that signals their revival bides its time...

Stage 5

(Level 51-60)

Forget not these fires of war! Grief cries out with its terrible roar! If true peace you seek, heed well what I speak, and dwell in Davia nevermore!

Power Details

Rarity3 Stars
Obtained FromSummoning
Sell Value300 Rupies + 150 Eldwater
Featured Characters None
Release DateFebruary / 28 / 2019



Bog Res

Level 1: Reduces susceptibility to bog by 15%.
Level 2: Reduces susceptibility to bog by 20%.


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