Secret Friend

Secret Friend | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint

Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 time unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-20)

There is a room in the Halidom with a friend no one knows of — and no one CAN know of — save for one very specific person.

Stage 2

(Level 21-30)

Do you have some time, Matilda? You'll never guess what happened today! ...Ah, I can't believe how easy it is to talk with you. I guess that's just how it is when you've been friends as long as we have.

Stage 3

(Level 31-40)

"I'm back — and I brought you a present! It's a ribbon Well, I bought it because it matches the one I have. I really hope you like it."

Stage 4

(Level 41-50)

"Am I really fit to call myself a Paladyn? After all, it's my fault that someone I was charged with protecting ended up hurt... Ah! I hear someone coming!"

Stage 5

(Level 51-60)

"Ha ha! I can't believe His Highness found out about you! But it actually led to an honest conversation, which makes me very happy. Now the three of us will be able to speak together about whatever we like!"

Power Details

Rarity3 Stars
Obtained FromSummoning
Sell Value300 Rupies + 150 Eldwater
Featured Characters Elisanne, Matilda
Release DateNovember / 30 / 2018



(Light) Skill Haste

Level 1: If the user is attuned to Light: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 4%.
Level 2: If the user is attuned to Light: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 5%.


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