Seafood Soup

Seafood Soup | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


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Unbound Wyrmprint

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Stage 1

(Level 1-10)

Hey there, traveler! Shrimp, squid, clams— you'll taste the ocean in every bite of this seafood soup from Saint Lotier! Come on in, sit down, and help yourself to a bowl!

Stage 2

(Level 11-15)

My granny taught me the recipe for this soup when she was still alive, so the taste brings back memories. ...Huh? Done already? Hold on, I'll bring more!

Stage 3

(Level 16-20)

What do you think? Pretty divine, isn't it? I can't believe how this soup's made a name for itself since I set up shop here—it's our most popular dish. Now eat while it's hot!

Stage 4

(Level 21-25)

This soup is so dang delicious, I had a customer who said she'd do anything to know the recipe. Well, she just wouldn't take no for an answer, so I took 'er in as a chef's apprentice.

Stage 5

(Level 26-30)

Fate can work in strange ways; that pupil I took on is now my wife! Ha ha ha ha ha! My life's on the upswing thanks to this soup! Can't thank my granny enough!

Power Details

Rarity2 stars
Obtained FromQuest Drop
Sell Value50 Rupies + 0 Eldwater
Featured Characters None
Release DateSeptember / 27 / 2018



Skill Prep

Level 1: Fills 8% skill gauges at the start of quests.
Level 2: Fills 10% skill gauges at the start of quests.


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