Lunar Festivities

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Lunar FestivitiesLunar Festivities

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Stage 1

(Level 1-30)

Dressed in eastern garb, the residents of the Halidom went into town in high spirits. "So this is Lunar New Year," said the prince. "What lovely decorations," replied Elisanne. "Let's rock this town! Wooo!" cried Notte.

Stage 2

(Level 31-40)

Just as they began to feel hungry, enticing aromas drifted out from various food stalls. "Mmm, these steamed buns are delicious." "Gimme gimme! I wanna stuff my face!" "Heh. Easy there, Notte. You'll get sick.

Stage 3

(Level 41-50)

After the sun set, the festival became a sea of scarlet and grew even more lively. "All of these red lanterns give the town a truly mystical atmosphere." "I know. It's like we're in another world.

Stage 4

(Level 51-65)

"I know we're in Alberia, and yet this culture is so different from ours. It's fascinating." "Yes, but there are still things we all share." "Whatever do you mean, Your Highness?"

Stage 5

(Level 66-80)

"For starters, everyone here loves their home. And when they return every year, I'm sure they feel as we do about Alberia." Elisanne nodded in agreement, and the three of them went on enjoying the festival."

Power Details

Rarity4 Stars
Obtained FromSummoning
Sell Value2,000 Rupies + 1,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Elisanne , Euden , Notte
Release DateJanuary / 31 / 2019


Force Strike 

Force Strike

Striking Haste 

Striking Haste

Level 1: Increases force strike damage by 20%.Level 1: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 6% when the user's force strikes connect.
Level 2: Increases force strike damage by 30%.Level 2: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 8% when the user's force strikes connect.


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