Indelible Summer

Indelible Summer | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint


Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 times unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-40)

So this is that goldfish scooping game, eh? Well, seeing as how I'm hundreds of years old, this should be child's play for me... Ah. I, er, seem to have broken the scooper. Well, such things happen, I suppose.

Stage 2

(Level 41-55)

Let me just... Blast! It got away again! This goldfish scooping is far more difficult than it appears. Perhaps you would like to attempt it and... Goodness, you already caught seven? Well, aren't YOU talented?!

Stage 3

(Level 56-70)

Why did you take me behind this building? ...Ah, look! Pyroblossoms! I had no idea they spread here from Peng Lai, but you certainly found a fine vantage point for us to enjoy the show. How clever you are!

Stage 4

(Level 71-85)

What a wonderful festival! I can scarce believe how many food stalls and vendors and pyroblossoms I've seen. It was so very kind of you to invite me along—even though you were clearly shy and nervous about it!

Stage 5

(Level 86-100)

...Hmm? It's embarrassing that I saw how nervous you were? Well, there's no reason to feel badly about it. However, I promise to keep it a secret—your reddened face will be a summer memory I treasure for all time.

Power Details

Rarity5 Stars
Obtained FromWyrmprints Shop
Sell Value5,000 Rupies + 3,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Cleo
Release DateJune / 30 / 2019



(Water) Affliction Guard


(Water) Skill Haste

Level 1: If the user is attuned to Water: resists afflictions once per quest.Level 1: If the user is attuned to Water: increases skill gauge fill rate by 6%.
Level 2: If the user is attuned to Water: resists afflictions up to two times per quest.Level 2: If the user is attuned to Water: increases skill gauge fill rate by 7%.
Level 3: If the user is attuned to Water: resists afflictions up to three times per quest. Level 3: If the user is attuned to Water: increases skill gauge fill rate by 9%.




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