His Clever Brother

His Clever Brother | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint


Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 times unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-30)

And thus, the answer is...THIS! "Amazing Emile! You know everything!" "Aha ha ha! I do know everything, don't I? That's because your older brother is a genius of the highest order!"

Stage 2

(Level 31-40)

Tell me more stuff, Emile! Pleeease? "Of course! I love to help the less fortunate when it comes to the intelligent arts." "Well, um...how are you a genius?" "Because I was born this way!"

Stage 3

(Level 41-50)

Well, how come the sky is blue? "Ah. Yes. The sky. It's blue becaaause... the dragon who painted it likes blue!" "Um, so why is it red in the evening?" "Hurrrr..."

Stage 4

(Level 51-65)

So why isn't the sky blue at night? "Um...because dragons divided the morning, evening, and night skies up!" "But what about gray? And clouds? And—" "Dragons! Whole bunch of dragons!"

Stage 5

(Level 66-80)

Okay, so why does the... "Enough questions! Bedtime!" "But there's so much stuff I don't know, and you know EVERYTHING!" "Oh, very well. You may ask away!"

Power Details

Rarity4 Stars
Obtained FromWrymprints Shop
Sell Value2,000 Rupies +1,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Emile, The Prince
Release DateApril / 14 / 2020



Frostbitten Punisher


Skill Haste

Level 1: Increases damage to frostbitten enemies by 10%.Level 1: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 3%.
Level 2: Increases damage to frostbitten enemies by 15%.Level 2: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 4%.
Level 3: Increases damage to frostbitten enemies by 20%.Level 3: Increases skill gauge fill rate by 5%.

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