Here Come the Sealer!

Here Come the Sealer! | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint


Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 times unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-40)

This is one of the finest trade districts in Taiwu, with many... Goodness, Wu Kong, that's a large number of steamed buns you purchased. Hmm? You wish to share? Well, I suppose just one won't hurt...

Stage 2

(Level 41-55)

This place is AWESOME! Ooo, and check the building there that's all shiny and epic— I'm gonna climb it and stand on the roof! ...Huh? Oh, uh, no! J-just kidding, master! Ha! Ha ha ha ha...haaaaa?

Stage 3

(Level 56-70)

This one's my specialty: shantan soup! The wife used say, of all my cooking, just this one was fantastic! Hey! Sha Wujing! The heck did you just put into my soup, huh?!

Stage 4

(Level 71-85)

That soup of yours always tastes the same, and I am weary of it! Such stasis brings shame on humanity, which is why I dropped in these mushrooms I found on the roadside. What WILL they taste like ? Eee hee!

Stage 5

(Level 86-100)

This is quite the racket to be making in the middle of the night...but I'll let it pass. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins anew tomorrow, so if you're going to throw a departure party, it's best do it right!

Power Details

Rarity5 Stars
Obtained FromWyrmprints Shop
Sell Value5,000 Rupies + 3,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Radiant Xuan Zang, Wu kong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing
Release DateMay / 27 / 2020



Force Strike


Strike's Strength

Level 1: Increases force strike damage by 30%.Level 1: Increases strength by 4% for every three enemies defeated with force strikes (up to five times per quest).
Level 2: Increases force strike damage by 40%.Level 2: Increases strength by 5% for every three enemies defeated with force strikes (up to five times per quest).
Level 3: Increases force strike damage by 50%.Level 3: Increases strength by 6% for every three enemies defeated with force strikes (up to five times per quest).
Fallen Wings
Flower Under the Moon

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