Heavenly Holiday

Heavenly Holiday | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint

Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 time unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-40)

"This is the first time I've ever spent my leave going clothes shopping, you know." "Likewise. I know women of the cloth should practice restraint, but His Highness DOES value repose...so I intend to fully enjoy it!"

Stage 2

(Level 41-55)

"All of these clothes are so cute... But do they really suit me?" "We are here to enjoy ourselves. I think you should focus less on what suits you and more on what you WANT to wear."

Stage 3

(Level 56-70)

"It's a little embarrassing to be wearing something like this for the first time." "Ah, but I DO think it suits you, Cibella." "W-well, I think you look wonderful, too."

Stage 4

(Level 71-85)

"I never thought the day would come I would be sitting all dressed up enjoying some tea. I owe this to His Highness for changing me." "I also would not have thought to enjoy my time off if I hadn't come to the Halidom."

Stage 5

(Level 86-100)

"We ought to go back. We enjoyed ourselves today, but will need to work hard tomorrow." "Right. Um, but...would you be willing to spend your next day off with me as well?" "Certainly. Let's also invite the prince!"

Power Details

Rarity5 Stars
Obtained FromSummoning
Sell Value5,000 Rupies + 3,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Hildegarde , Cibella
Release DateNovember / 30 / 2018



Curse Res


Curse Res (Light)

Level 1: Reduces susceptibility to curses by 50%.Level 1: If the user is attuned to Light: Reduces susceptibility to curses by 25%.
Level 2: Reduces susceptibility to curse by 60%.Level 2: If the user is attuned to Light: Reduces susceptibility to curse by 40%.


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