Halidom Grooms

Halidom Grooms | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint


Original Wyrmprint


Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 times unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-30)

We're honored to accompany you, milady. "Ya won't be bored, that's for sure! Oh, and we bring the gift of happiness along with these here flowers." "Please, milady. Take my hand."

Stage 2

(Level 31-40)

...And that's rehearsal number 350! What do you think? Nailed it, right? "Looks like all our hard work is payin'— whoa, look at the time! That ain't good!" "We're still all right. Call her over now!"

Stage 3

(Level 41-50)

T-take my hand, milady! I'm plea—ah, crap! I mean, we're honored to accompany you! "Right! I won't letcha be bored, 'cause I got flowers and junk, so—"

Stage 4

(Level 51-65)

Good gravy, we were TERRIBLE. Pull us outta the fire, boss! "Right then! Um, please take my hand and... Oh, wait. Was that your line?"

Stage 5

(Level 66-80)

Oh man, that didn't work at all. "Well, we gave it our best shot, yeah?" "...How's that, milady? ...You could tell how hard we tried? ...And you liked that? Thank you very much. That means a lot."

Power Details

Rarity4 Stars
Obtained FromWyrmprints Shop
Sell Value2,000 Rupies +1,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Euden, Luca, Ranzal
Release DateJune / 20 / 2019



Energy Doublebuff


Buff Time

Level 1: Increases energy level by one stage each time a defense up buff is received.Level 1: Increases duration of buff skills by 10%
Level 2: Increases energy level by one stage each time a defense up buff is received.Level 2: Increases duration of buff skills by 15%
Level 3: Increases energy level by one stage each time a defense up buff is received.Level 3: Increases duration of buff skills by 20%




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