Dragon Brethren

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Dragon BrethrenDragon Brethren

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(2 time unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-40)

Dragon blood runs in the veins of Alberian royalty, and they have a sworn duty to form dragonpacts in order to protect their land. Upholding that duty, three princes head off into battle.

Stage 2

(Level 41-55)

The three princes had the same education and dreamed of the same future—or so one might have thought. In reality, they all have different natures, goals, and values.

Stage 3

(Level 56-70)

Because of their differences, they don't relate well to one another. And yet, they trust their differences implicitly, for they know them to be a source of strength.

Stage 4

(Level 71-85)

Each dominates the battle in his own way. Valyx has valor, Phares wisdom, and Leonidas drive and ambition—and by fighting as one, victory comes swiftly.

Stage 5

(Level 86-100)

The battle over, the three princes go their separate ways, but each does so with a similar thought in his mind: "Next time, I will earn victory by my hand alone."

Power Details

Rarity5 Stars
Obtained FromSummoning
Sell Value5,000 Rupies + 3,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Valyx , Phares , Leonidas
Release DateSeptember / 27 / 2018


Dragon Time 

Dragon Time

Flame Res 

Flame Res

Level 1: Extends shapeshift time by 10%.Level 1: Reduces flame damage taken by 5%.
Level 2: Extends shapeshift time by 15%.Level 2: Reduces flame damage taken by 8%.


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