Auspex's Prayer

Auspex's Prayer | Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint

Auspex's PrayerAuspex's Prayer

Original Wyrmprint

Unbound Wyrmprint

(2 time unbound)


Stage 1

(Level 1-40)

The Auspex prays for the tranquility of those in the country she loves, and all creation resonates with her benevolent words.

Stage 2

(Level 41-55)

Yet the Auspex has people that she loves in a more personal way: her twin brother and a small faerie. She knows they will go on to save her country, and thinking of this makes her pray with even greater fervor.

Stage 3

(Level 56-70)

The Auspex unleashes her true power. Her prayers become light that reaches the far corners of the world—and, naturally, those she loves as well.

Stage 4

(Level 71-85)

Those who receive the Auspex's prayer feel power overflowing from within, and this fills them with hope strong enough to lift the heads and clear the eyes of even the most despairing individual.

Stage 5

(Level 86-100)

Her gentleness and desire for peace were her greatest strengths, and she used them to protect the world in her own way.

Power Details

Rarity5 Stars
Obtained FromSummoning
Sell Value5,000 Rupies + 3,000 Eldwater
Featured Characters Zethia
Release DateSeptember / 27 / 2018


Full HP = Healing 

Full HP = Healing

Curse Res 

Curse Res

Level 1: Increases the potency of recovery skills by 13% when HP is full.Level 1: Reduces susceptibility to curses by 20%.
Level 2: Increases the potency of recovery skills by 15% when HP is full.Level 2: Reduces susceptibility to curses by 25%.


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