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  • Astounding Trick

    Astounding Trick

    Date : 2019-01-18 By : KHSean
    Wha... Oh... Whoooooa! ...Ow. Man, balancin' on a ball ain't easy. "Get it together, Ranzal! We only have three days left until the circus." "Yeah, yeah. Just gimme a bit here."
  • Stellar Show

    Stellar Show

    Date : 2019-01-19 By : KHSean
    Countless knives danced through the air, illuminated by the glow of an arc light. Fritz's juggling skills were so spectacular, they instantly captivated any who were fortunate enough to witness them.
  • Dragon and Tamer

    Dragon and Tamer

    Date : 2019-01-19 By : KHSean
    Dragon and Timer description for first stage -- Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I'm the ringmaster of this circus, the dragon tamer Annelie! And this is my buddy, Liger—say hi, Liger! "Graaaaaaah!"
  • Heralds of Hinomoto

    Heralds of Hinomoto

    Date : 2019-01-21 By : KHSean
    Two attendants awaited their master at the foot of a vermilion bridge. Just then, the man they were awaiting came forth. It was Ieyasu - pactbound warrior and head of one of the twelve wyrmclans of the East.
  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Date : 2019-01-21 By : KHSean
    Happy New Year, everyone! "I'm so glad to wish you well for the coming months. Let's work together to make this year one to remember!"
  • Welcome One and All

    Welcome One and All

    Date : 2019-01-21 By : KHSean
    Welcome, welcome, one and all! The circus has arrived in your town! Girls and boys, mamas and papas, grandmas and grandpas—all are invited to step inside and enjoy the fun!
  • Flower in the Fray

    Flower in the Fray

    Date : 2019-01-21 By : Panha
    Appolonia is known far and wide for the Appolonian Battle Games, where proud warriors gather in the colosseum to test their might against one another. Lea the knight was one such competitor.
  • The Greatest Gift

    The Greatest Gift

    Date : 2019-01-22 By : KHSean
    I never expected to be given a present quite like this, said the prince. "We all wanted to do something special for you in honor of Dragonyule," said Cleo. "Do you like it?"
  • Volcanic Queen

    Volcanic Queen

    Date : 2019-01-22 By : KHSean
    Come fight me, darling! cried Brunhilda. "I want to show you what I'm capable of!" And with that, the battle began—a trial of love with their very lives on the line.
  • Old Harp

    Old Harp

    Date : 2019-01-22 By : Panha
    A harp abandoned in the corner of a pub. It's said that a passing bard used to strum it while singing a sad tale of love between a human and a dragon that had taken place long, long ago.
  • A Slice of Dragonyule

    A Slice of Dragonyule

    Date : 2019-01-22 By : KHSean
    I wanna help decorate the cake, cried Notte. "Let's cover that sucker in berries!" "You're doing very well," remarked Cleo. "I'm sure the prince will love it."
  • Mana Fount

    Mana Fount

    Date : 2019-01-22 By : Panha
    A unique fount that brims with mana. Their mystical ambience makes each one a sacred site long revered by locals.
  • Dragon Arcanum

    Dragon Arcanum

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : Panha
    An elixir infused with the power of dragons. A certain peculiar magician collected the fallen scales of dragons and boiled them down to make it.
  • Seafood Soup

    Seafood Soup

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : Panha
    Hey there, traveler! Shrimp, squid, clams— you'll taste the ocean in every bite of this seafood soup from Saint Lotier! Come on in, sit down, and help yourself to a bowl!
  • Ring of Exaltation

    Ring of Exaltation

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : Panha
    A magic ring that once belonged to a brave knight who served the Kingdom of Alberia. Its blue gemstone contains a small amount of mana that grants protection to the bearer.
  • The Prince of Dragonyule

    The Prince of Dragonyule

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : KHSean
    Is this a Saint Starfall outfit? I didn't know I'd be getting one too! "I thought it'd look good on you, so I decided to make one for you as well." "Thanks, Cleo! What a wonderful gift."
  • Heavenly Holiday

    Heavenly Holiday

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : KHSean
    "This is the first time I've ever spent my leave going clothes shopping, you know." "Likewise. I know women of the cloth should practice restraint, but His Highness DOES value repose...so I intend to fully enjoy it!"
  • Resounding Rendition

    Resounding Rendition

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : KHSean
    Leading my piano was the songstress of the century, whose voice captivated all who heard it. We were due to take the stage together soon, where I would present her immeasurable talents to the world.
  • Roast Feast

    Roast Feast

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : Panha
    Dragonyule is a celebration of the goddess Ilia's birth. On the day before the big event, people hurry home to enjoy a traditional evening feast with their families.
  • Secret Friend

    Secret Friend

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : Panha
    There is a room in the Halidom with a friend no one knows of — and no one CAN know of — save for one very specific person.
  • Garuda's Feathers

    Garuda's Feathers

    Date : 2019-01-23 By : Panha
    Garuda was the guardian of her village, and had protected it since time immemorial. The residents revered and worshiped her– but in her heart, she had always been alone.
  • The Halidom's Picnic

    The Halidom's Picnic

    Date : 2019-01-24 By : Panha
    Today was the day of the Halidom's picnic. As soon as everyone was settled and ready for lunch, Cleo opened the basket wide and bid everyone to dig into the food she'd spent so much time and effort preparing.
  • Pumpkin Pail

    Pumpkin Pail

    Date : 2019-01-24 By : Panha
    What's inside the pumpkin pail? A little chocolate dime! But along came a peckish fiend—a menacing gold slime!
  • Louise's Hobbies

    Louise's Hobbies

    Date : 2019-01-24 By : KHSean
    Open wiiiide! Here comes the draaagon! "Louiiiise! I know how to use a spoon!" "Hush, Lowen! Spoons are dangerous. Now come here and let me feed you."
  • Gale of Beauty

    Gale of Beauty

    Date : 2019-01-24 By : KHSean
    The village's guardian deity, a master of gales, smiled fearlessly at the hordes of fiends that swarmed upon it without end. "So you think to harm this village, do you? Then prepare to be annihilated!"