A bow hewn from the effects of a hermit. Owing to its peculiar construction, it is quite supple. When an arrow is loosed, it sunders the very air itself by amassing wind mana at its tip, destroying all in its path.

 Max HP  59
 Max Strength 207
 Max Might 356
 Rarity 4-stars
 Element wind


(Wind) Undead's Bane

If the user is attuned to Wind: increases damage to undead by 15%.


(Wind) Whirlpool Res

If the user is attuned to Wind: ignores the effects of Whirlpool.

 Sell Value 500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 2

 • fiends-horn  Fiend's Horn x10

 • fiends-eye  Fiend's Eye x3

 • aromatic-wood Aromatic Wood x1

 • maelstrom-orbMaelstrom Orb x2

 • windsong-bowWindsong Bow x1

 •  90,000Rupie

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