Stormsquall Crash


A blade imbued with the mana of Void Poseidon. Clad in pure wind mana, the weapon slices coldly through flesh, bone, and even air before spreading out and rending the very heavens.

 Max HP  85
 Max Strength 372
 Max Might 617
 Rarity 5-stars
 Element wind


(Wind) Skill Prep

If the user is attuned to Wind: fills 50% of skill gauges at the start of quests.


(Wind) High Mercury's Bane

If the user is attuned to Wind: increases damage to High Mercury by 30%.

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 5

 • granite  Granite x15

 • meteorite  Meteorite x5

 • oceanic-crown Oceanic Crown x2

 • maelstrom-orbMaelstrom Orb x3

 • galeflashGaleflash x1

 •  300,000Rupie

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