Lance of Frozen Depths


A lance hewn from an eolian phantom. It is said to have been born from the river that separates this world from the great beyond, and an evil essence surrounds its tip. Those pierced by it wander in perpetuity, their souls encased in ice.

 Max HP  99
 Max Strength 358
 Max Might 567
 Rarity 5-stars


(Water) Volcanic Chimera's Bane

If the user is attuned to Water: increases damage to the Volcanic Chimera by 30%.


(Water) Frenzy Res

If the user is attuned to Water: ignores the effect of frenzy when attacking and taking damage from enemies.

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 4

 • fiends-horn  Fiend's Horn x15

 • fiends-eye  Fiend's Eye x5

 • eolian-soul  Eolian Soul x2

 • deluge-orb  Deluge Orb x3

 • lance-of-dark-depths  Lance of Dark Depths x1

 •  300,000Rupie

Despair Spiral
Crusher of the Depths

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