Jormungand's Fury


A wyrmbow infused with the high mana of Midgardsormr. Its arrows become tempests that whip up roaring gales where they strike. Arrows fired in stormy weather rend the sky, their trails compelling all to war.

 Max HP  242
 Max Strength 1426
 Max Might 1768
 Rarity 5-stars


Jormungand's Boundless World

Deal wind damage to enemies in a line.

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 0

 • high-windwyrms-tail  High Windwyrm's Tail x40

 • high-windwyrms-horn  High Windwyrm's Horn x30

 • verdant-heart  Verdant Heart x10

 • windwyrms-greatsphere  Windwyrm's Greatsphere x50

 • orichalcum  Orichalcum x3

 • jormungands-squall  Jormungand's Squall x1

 •  1,500,000Rupie

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