Jagged Rainstorm


An axe imbued with the mana of Void Poseidon. The rough edge causes water mana to vibrate, and each swing brings a cloudburst worth of rain. It can be used to ward off droughts, but those who overdo it risk devastating floods.

 Max HP  105
 Max Strength 357
 Max Might 562
 Rarity 5-stars
 Element water


(Water) Skill Prep

If the user is attuned to Water: fills 50% of skill gauges at the start of quests.


(Water) Flurry Devastation

If the user is attuned to water: increases critical rate by 8% when the combo count is 15 or higher.

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 5

 • granite  Granite x15

 • meteorite  Meteorite x5

 • oceanic-crown Oceanic Crown x2

 • deluge-orbDeluge Orb x3

 • jagged-cloudburstJagged Cloudburst x1

 •  300,000Rupie

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