Death Seeker


A dagger imbued with the mana of Void Jeanne d'Arc. The weapon itself is malicious, passing through the hands of countless wielders in its pursuit of sacrifices. Those who wield it are made to take many lives, ending with their own.

 Max HP  103
 Max Strength 334
 Max Might 597
 Rarity 5-stars
 Element shadow


(Shadow) HP 50 = Defense

If the user is attuned to Shadow: Increases defense by 7% when HP is 50% or above.


(Shadow) High Jupiter's Bane

If the user is attuned to Shadow: Increases damage to High Jupiter by 30%.

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 5

 • fiends-horn  Fiend's Horn x15

 • fiends-eye  Fiend's Eye x5

 • abyssal-standard  Abyssal Standard x2

 • nether-orb  Nether Orb x3

 • gloom-seeker  Gloom Seeker x1

 •  300,000Rupie

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