Crimson Fang


A wyrmdagger infused with the high mana of Brunhilda. Cloaked in crimson flame, it bears its fangs as a guiding light for the wielder.

 Max HP  208
 Max Strength 728
 Max Might 1136
 Rarity 5-stars
 Element flame


Savage Crimson

Deal flame damage to enemies directly ahead.


(Flame) High Midgardsormr's Bane

If the user is attuned to Flame: increases damage to High Midgardsormr by 30%.

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 0

 • high-flamewyrms-tail  High Flamewyrm's Tail x18

 • burning-heart  Burning Heart x5

 • flamewyrms-greatsphere  Flamewyrm's Greatsphere x25

 • orichalcum  Orichalcum x1

 •  1,200,000Rupie

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