Chimeratech Knight


A blade hewn from a volcanic chimera. Like lions at hunt, the flames it produces mercilessly maul all who stand in their path.

 Max HP  95
 Max Strength 743
 Max Might 898


(Flame) Unyielding Offense

If the user is attuned to Flame: increases strength by 2% for the remainder of the quest when the user's HP drops to 70% (five times per quest).

 Sell Value 1,500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 0

 • iron-oreIron Ore x5

 • granite  Granite x2

 • volcanic-mane  Volcanic Mane x10

 • volcanic-claw  Volcanic Claw x2

 •  400,000Rupie

Chimeratech Fighter
Chimeratech Officer

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