Burning Fury Lance


A lance hewn from the effects of a hermit. The rage held within infused the weapon with the power of rippling flame. That flame soon grew to a blaze, and in time became a hellish inferno intent on razing all it touches.

 Max HP  61
 Max Strength 220
 Max Might 371
 Rarity 4-stars
 Element FlameFlame


(Flame) Undead's Bane

  If the user is attuned to Flame: increases damage to undead by 15%.


(Flame) Petrify Res

If the user is attuned to Flame: completely prevents petrification.

 Sell Value 500Rupie
 Craft Materials

 • Smithy Level 2

 • fiends-horn  Fiend's Horn x8

 • fiends-eye  Fiend's Eye x3

 • purple-thread Purple Thread x2

 • acoustic-wood Acoustic Wood x1

 • inferno-orb Inferno Orb x2

 • fury-lanceFury Lance x1

 •  90,000Rupie

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