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Character Introduction

The twin sister of Euden, and one of the few maidens of the Church. Quick to cry as a child, she became more stoic after the passing of her mother. She's now a strong-willed young woman who cherishes her older brother.

Character Tier

Obtained as a 5 stars

Character Stats

MAX HP  810
Rank: 3 / 101
MAX ATK  466Rank: 36 / 101
Mana CircleBonus HPBonus ATK
Circle 15632
Circle 26537
Circle 37744
Circle 46537
Circle 53218
Completion Bonus3020
Total Bonus325188


Skill 1
divine-healingDivine Healing
Lvl 1Restore HP to all teammates.
Lvl 2Restore HP to all teammates.
Lvl 3Restore HP to all teammates.


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