Should I craft Elemental Weapons?


Most users will hesitated to crafting the weapons in lower rarity (3 or 4 stars). After you read this article we will help you easily to decide should you craft it or not.

Crafting Elemental Weapon in low rarity (3-4 stars)

Gain power to fight with the powerful monsters

You will meet the powerful monster at the higher level or in the events. So if you are not crafting with the lower rarity weapons it will make you difficult to fight with those monsters.

Not easy to get 5 stars weapon

Most players think that they will waiting to get 5 stars weapon and craft it, but it is not easy like you think. To get 5 stars weapons you required Smithy Lv. 7, to get smithy level 7 you must upgrade your Halidom to level 6, to get Halidom level 6 you required level up your Facility to level 300.

See? There are many step until you get 5 stars weapon, so it is not easy for you to play through the game if you are waiting for it.

Dismantle to get your Items that you use to craft your weapons back

Go to Upgrading > Crafting > Dismantle


After you can crafting 5 stars weapon, you can also return your items back by dismantle it. But you required to spend Rupies Rupies to do this.


Only one thing that is the disadvantage, the EXP of the weapon will lost but i recommend you try to save Whetstones for 5 stars weapons and use the low quality weapons instead.


After you finished this article maybe you are not hesitate to crafting the weapons. We recommend you to craft it for helping you to play through the game easily.


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