Halidom Guide

1. What is the Halidom ?

The Halidom

This is the castle the main character uses as his base. You can build various facilities and change the layout freely. You will need a certain combined facility level in order to raise the Halidom's overall level. The area you can build on will increase as you raise the Halidom's level.

Upgrading progress

LvCostMaterials requiredFacility Levels requiredUpgrading duration
25,000RupiesNone530 mn


Wind Orb x10


Storm Orb x1


Talonstone x3

403 h


Water Orb x20


Stream Orb x3


Deluge Orb x1


Talonstone x5

10012 h


Flame Orb x50


Blaze Orb x7


Inferno Orb x2


Talonstone x10

20024 h


Light Orb x100


Radiance Orb x15


Refulgence Orb x13


Talonstone x15

30036 h


Shadow Orb x150


Nightfall Orb x20


Nether Orb x4


Talonstone x20

40048 h


Wind Orb x200


Storm Orb x25


Maelstrom Orb x6


Talonstone x25

55060 h


Water Orb x300


Stream Orb x40


Deluge Orb x9


Talonstone x30

70072 h

2. Facilities

These can be built within the Halidom. By building facilities you can increase adventures' abilities and receive items after a fixed amount of time passes.

Mines and Dragontree

Mine and Dragon tree

Mine : Used for mining Rupies from the earth. Shipments arrive in regular intervals, providing a great source of easy income.

Dragontree : Used to produces three three varieties of Dragaonfruit; the preferred snack of dragons the world over.

Element Altars

Elements Altars

There are 5 different element altars; Light Altar, Shadow Altar, Wind Altar, Flame Altar, and Water Altar. Those altars built to boosting the stats to your Adventures.

Circus Tent

Circus Tent

Circus Tent : A magnificent tent belonging to a talented circus troupe. A world of grand illusions and dazzling performances awaits! Use it to boost the stats of your Adventures. It also use to boost damage to enemies in some Event Quests.

3. Smithwryms


Smithwyrms : Used in the construction and leveling up of facilities. You will begin with 2 smithwyrms, but you can increase that number to a maximum of 5 smithwyrms by using Diamantium or Wyrmite.


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