Elements Guide

Let's talk about Elements!!! What is it useful for? Why you need to know about that?

 Element Types

Adventurers or Characters and Dragons are have different elements to one of five types. Be sure you are understand the system of the elements. All of this elements are important for fighting strategy. Choose the elements which can counter to other elements.

Dragalia Lost Flame ElementsDragalia Lost Water ElementsDragalia Lost Wind ElementsDragalia Lost Light ElementsDragalia Lost Shadow Elements


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 Element Systems

Element systems is useful thing you should remember. Five types of elements are counter to each other, so you should choose the correct elements that can defeat the monsters. Do not be the guys who choose Flame to fight with Water, this is herrible!!!

Here are the systems of Elements:

Draglia Lost Flame Elements Flame has powerful over Wind, but weak than Water.
Dragalia Lost Water Element Water has powerful over Flame, but weak than Wind.
Dragalia Lost Wind Element Wind has powerful over Water, but weak than Flame.
Dragalia Lost Lighter ElementDragalia Lost Shadow Element Lightand Shadow has the same powerful to each other, and also     nautral to other three element types.


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