Afflictions Type


What are Afflictions mean?

Afflictions are the things that can cause you the problem when you are in the battles. You can not shapeshifting or transforming become a dragon. There are 8 types of affliction; poison, freeze, paralysis, curse, burn, bog, blind, stun. All of this have there different effection.

Type of afflictions

• Poison


When poisoned, you will take damage for a limited amount of time, it will reduce your health.

• Freeze


When frozen, you will become unable to act for a limited amount of time. This can be remedied by having a team member attack you.

• Paralysis


When paralyzed, you will take damage for a limited amount of time, and your movements will often be interrupted.

• Curse


When cursed, you will be unable to use skills or helper skills for a limited amount of time.

• Burn


When burning, you will take damage for a limited amount of time, it will reduce your health.

• Bog


When bogged, your movement will be slowed, and you will take more damage than usual.

• Blind


When blinded, your attacks and skills will miss their targets.

• Stun


When you stunned, you will be unable to move or attack.


All of this will happened in the battle by the environment or skills of the boss, like the fire will cause you burning, or the lake will cause you bogged when you walk on it.

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