Summer Vacation Event

Summer Vacation Event Now Live!

The summer vacation event is live from 1:00 PM, Jul 23, 2019 to 12:59 PM, Jul 31, 2019.


Use the event to upgrade your adventurers, dragons, and facilities!

  1. Main campaign double mana
    During this event, the mana you can obtain from the main campaign will be doubled!
  2. Double drops for Avenue to Power
    During the event, drop rewards you can obtain from Avenue to Power will be doubled!
    Note: This does not apply to wyrmprints and astral pieces.
  3. Double stamina recovery speed
    During this event, stamina will recover twice as fast.
  4. All Elemental Ruins quests always open
    The Expert difficulty will be open for all Elemental Ruins quests for the duration of this event.
  5. More daily endeavor rewards
    During this event, the rewards you can obtain from daily endeavors will be increased.

The rewards that can be obtained from each mission are described below:

Endeavor DescriptionNormalDuring the Event
Clear Avenue to PowerMana x5,000Mana x8,000
Clear Avenue to FortuneConsecrated water x5Consecrated water x8
Perform an Item SummonGold crystal x6Gold crystal x10
Collect Rupies from a FacilityGold whetstone x3Gold whetstone x5
Clear a Quest Playing Co-opEldwater x300Eldwater x500
Clear Five QuestsExquisite honey x1Exquisite honey x2
Clear All Standard Daily EndeavorsWyrmite x50Wyrmite x75

Note: Events described in this notification may be canceled or changed without notice.

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