New Info About Void Battles

As you guys know The Void Battle is the new event that Dragalia Lost will bring to us at the end of February. In this event player have to face with a power enemies. So player need to be prepared and get ready for the event when it came.


Hello, adventurers!

Void Battles—new event quests where you can battle powerful boss enemies—are coming at the end of February 2019, so we wanted to share some of the latest information about them!

One day, a call for help from a neighboring city reached the Prince and his companions. Atrocious fiends were appearing, including monstrous dragons transformed by the effects of black mana, and they were wreaking all manner of havoc!

  • What Is a "Void?"Void is a collective term for fiends that have been transformed by the effects of black mana, or dragons that have been corrupted and lost themselves due to it.

  • Void Battles OverviewYou'll face powerful boss enemies in these event quests.
    If you defeat them, you can earn materials for crafting weapons or trading in for rewards.
    You can challenge Void Battles anytime, regardless of the day of the week. However, the boss enemy that appears will differ based on the day.

    You must clear Ch. 7 / 5-6 (Normal) of the main story to participate in Void Battles.
    You can use the current Valentine's Confections story event to help yourself clear chapter 7 of the main story!

    The next update is scheduled for Feb 18 22:00, 2019(PT).

  • Notes:
    The content and schedule may change without notice.

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