Catch-Up Campaign Is Now Live!

This is the time for player to completed this Catch-Up Campaign. This is a good Campaign that will give a ton of good reward to player who clear it.


Catch-Up Campaign Details

Salutations, adventurers!

The Catch-Up Campaign has been live since Feb 6 22:00, 2019(PT)!

You can clear all these limited-time Catch-Up Campaign Daily Endeavors to strengthen your party. And if you clear all of them, you can earn 100 wyrmite each day for a total of 1,500 during the campaign period!

But that's not all... During the campaign, you'll earn even more rewards from Standard Daily Endeavors!

  • Duration
    Feb 6 22:00, 2019(PT) to Feb 21 21:59, 2019(PT)
  • Catch-Up Campaign Endeavor Details
    1. Clear a Dragon Trial
      Reward: Succulent Dragonfruit x3
    2. Clear an Elemental Ruin twice
      Reward: Elemental Orb (flame, water, wind, light, or shadow, rotating daily) x70
    3. Clear 10 quests
      Reward: Exquisite Honey x2
    4. Clear Three Quests Playing Co-op
      Reward: Blessed Ethon Ashes x1
    5. Clear All Catch-Up Campaign Endeavors
      Reward: Wyrmite x100


  1. To view the limited-time Daily Endeavors added during this campaign, tap Endeavors on the home page, then check the Daily tab.
  2. The limited-time Daily Endeavors added during this campaign are not included in the conditions for achieving the "Clear All Standard Daily Endeavors" Endeavor under Standard Daily Endeavors.
  3. The event schedule and content may change without warning.

To sum up this Catch-Up Campaign is a good campaign that you need to clear it out. As you can see the reward is quite nice.

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