Ramiel | Dragalia Lost

shadow-dragalia-lostAngelic Herald
Obtainable as a 5star-dragalia-lost


Dragon Introduction

One of the dragons known as the Five Archangels. Though calm and analytical, he also has a sharp tongue. At first, he had no emotions towards people, but he now feels a fatherly attachment to the Apostle he formed a Sigil with.


Dragon Stats
Max HP 368
Max STR 128


Dragon Skills
angelic-declarationAngelic Declaration
Lvl 1Deals shadow damage to enemies directly ahead, inflicts poison.50 Might
Lvl 2Deals shadow damage to enemies directly ahead, inflicts poison.100 Might


Dragon Abilities
strength-shapeshift-prep(Shadow) Strength & Shapeshift Prep0 Might
If the user is attuned to Shadow: increases strength and fills the dragon gauge at the start of quests.

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