Mini Hildy

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Mini Hildy
flame-dragalia-lostFirst & Last
Obtainable as a 5star-dragalia-lost


Dragon Introduction

I'm Brunhilda! A dragon! But I'm hopelessly in love with a human! ...Huh? What do you mean, skip that part? Darling makes me who I am! So if you cut ANY of this, I'm gonna (REDACTED). ...Anyway, great to be with you!


Dragon Stats and Skills
Max HP 221
Max STR 76


Celebratory BlastCelebratory Blast
Lvl 1Deals 2 hits of flame damage to surrounding enemies.50 Might
Lvl 2Deals 2 hits of flame damage to surrounding enemies.100 Might


Dragon Abilities
HP & StrengthHP & Strength Lv. 1-50 Might
Increases strength and HP by 20% - 30%.

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