Horus | Dragalia Lost

flame-dragalia-lostFlame-Winged Ruler
Obtainable as a 5star-dragalia-lost


Dragon Introduction

A dragon who governed the royal family of the Sandreach long ago. He confers powerful magic to individuals out of curiosity for what they might accomplish, and was a dispassionate observer of people until the desert kingdom fell.


Dragon Stats and Skills
Max HP 369
Max STR 127


eye-of-horusEye of Horus
Lvl 1Deals 16 shots of 39% flame damage to multiple targets.50 Might
Lvl 2Deals 16 shots of 44% flame damage to multiple targets.100 Might


Dragon Abilities
attack-rate-critical-rate(Flame) Attack Rate & Critical Rate I-V0 Might
If the user is attuned to Flame: increases attack rate by 10% - 20% and critical rate by 30% - 50%.

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