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shadow-dragalia-lostArk of Music
Obtainable as a 5star-dragalia-lost


Dragon Introduction

A music-loving dragon whose skill with singing, conducting, and composing are elite. Though he looks like a whale, he swims through skies as well as seas, and it is said that music rains down whenever he passes overhead.


Dragon Stats
Max HP 368
Max STR 128


Dragon Skills
Grand ConcertoGrand Concerto
Lvl 1Deals shadow damage to enemies directly ahead.50 Might
Lvl 2Deals shadow damage to enemies directly ahead.100 Might


Dragon Abilities
Strength & Critical Rate(Shadow) Strength & Critical Rate0 Might
If the user is attuned to Shadow: increases strength by 30% - 45% and critical rate by 15% - 20%.

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