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  • Best Adventurers by Elements

    Best Adventurers by Elements

    Date : 2019-01-08 By : Panha
    Best Characters by their Elements - Fire: Mikoto; Water: Lily; Wind: Maribelle; Light: Hildegarde; and Darkness: Nefaria.
  • Adventurer Tier List

    Adventurer Tier List

    Date : 2019-01-09 By : Panha
    Adventurer Tier List - details the best adventurers in Dragalia Lost, recommendations for team building to win the battle.
  • Adventurer List

    Adventurer List

    Date : 2019-01-14 By : Panha
    All character categorized by their elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark) with detail information. Check out here!