3. Alberius the Founder

This is the Third Stage in Chapter 1/4 The Mistholt and it's not a battle guest, it's just a story quest.


Alberius the Founder


Notte : Hey! There's some kind of monument here. Let's see. What does it say...? "In Memory of King Alberius the Founder."

Cleo : He was a great leader. Such monuments are erected all across the kingdom.

Notte : Okay, so I know he founded Alberia, but what else did he do?

Cleo : *sigh* Has so much time passed that even faeries no longer remember? King Alberius did a great many things. Most notably, he was able to forge pacts with multiple dragons. You know the Six Greatwyrms, yes? Midgardsormr, Mercury, Brunhilda, Jupiter, Zodiark, and Chthonius. King Alberius led all of them in battle against the Dyrenell Empire.

Notte : "Dyrenell"? Seriously? Why didn't they just name themselves "Evildudes" and be done with it? Okay, so they're bad guys. Got it. What did they do? Ravage the land and pillage the people?

Cleo : Of course. That's what all evil empires do. But the people of Dyrenell were also worshippers of demons. And their greatest sin was resurrecting a terrible demon that has haunted this continent since antiquity.

Notte : They revived a demon?! Oh man, that's never good.

Cleo : It most definitely was not good. But King Alberius fought against that demon with all his might. The war raged for a very long time. But finally, the king managed to bind the demon's power once more. The struggle later became known as the Second War of Binding.

Notte : When was the First War of Binding?

Cleo : That is a much older story, one from the age of myth. The First War of Binding was when the goddess Ilia and the sacred dragon Elysium first sealed the demon's power.

Notte : It took a goddess AND a dragon to win? Cripes. This is one powerful demon. But that means King Alberius was really powerful too, right? I mean, since he was just a normal mortal guy and all.

Cleo : Nothing about him was "normal," but yes—binding a being of such immense power was an incredible accomplishment. None are quite sure how he did it.

Notte : Hey, maybe the Sacred Shards we're looking for have something to do with it.

Cleo : I suppose it cannot be ruled out. However, the binding occurred in a single location, and the Shards are no longer there. So I suspect there was more to it than that. We do, however, know the name of the ritual King Alberius performed.

Notte : Oh yeah? What's that?

Cleo : It was called the Blood Casket.

Notte : What?! That sounds terrifying! What's in the casket? And why is it BLEEDING?! Are you trying to give me nightmares? I'm already afraid of the dark! Whenever I wake up at night to tinkle, I always make Zethia come with me.

Cleo : Wait. You...tinkle? I believe I just learned more about faeries than I cared to know.


King Alberius, the found of Alberius, possessed the power to forge pacts with multiple dragons. A mighty hero, he defeated an ancient demon and bound his power in a ritual known as the "Blood Casket."

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