1. A Formidable Guardian

A Formidable Guardian | Dragalia Lost


Here is the map of A Formidable Guardian


As you can see this 2 maps are the same but one of them have circle highlight :
Yellow Circle : is where you start.
Green Circle : is some Wood Box, player can break that box to get some HP or Gold.
Blue Circle : is a Dragon Crystal Status, player can break it to get Dragon Power in other to transform into Dragon.
Red Circle : is a Chest, player can break it in other to get some good items.

  • Quest Battle Details
    • Suggested Might : 1400 (Normal)
    • Victory : Eliminate a specific threat
    • Defeat : All team members fall in battle
    • Boss : Stone Giant
Endeavor Reward
Don't allow any of your team to fall in battle.wyrmite wyrmite x5
Allow no more than 2 of your team to fall in battle.wyrmite wyrmite x5
Don't use any continues.wyrmite wyrmite x5
All Endeavor Completed.wyrmite wyrmite x5

First Clear Reward get wyrmite wyrmite x5

Drop Rewards


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