4. The Proud Windwyrm

The Proud Windwyrm | Dragalia Lost



Midgardsormr : Ha! What a thrill! The dragonblood runs strong in you, man-child.

Euden : I take strength from my friends, not my blood. You should remember that, dragon.

Midgardsormr : Ha ha! True, very true. A king's power is oft found lurking behind the throne. And you do have the makings of a king, for you have been tested and found worthy!

Midgardsormr : Euden... My king. I herby cede all of my power to you and your chosen. I am Midgardsormr–lord of malestroms, master of this land, and the storm that shall keep you from harm!

Elisanne : The prince's "chosen"? That means any of us could potentially shapeshift if His Highness wills it to be so.

Notte : Oh, heck yeah, Euden! I can't believe you made a dragonpact with one of the Six Greatwyrms!

Midgardsormr : The Shard you seek lies deeper in the forest. And who better to show the way than a child of the wood? Cleo! Step forward.

??? : Yes, Lord Wyrm.

Notte : Whaaa?! Who's there?!

??? : Greetings, O Alberian prince and heir to dragonblood. I have been waiting for you.

"Guardian of the Mistholt"
"Belle Healer: Cleo"

Celo : My name is Cleo. I have guarded this land of mist for uncountable years in preparation for this day.

Euden : He called you a child of the wood. I take it you're a sylvan, then? What did you mean when you said you've been "waiting for me"?

Celo : Exactly that, my prince. You are to be my new master. You are the one who will grant my greatest wish.

Euden : And...what is that?

Celo : To see the mists banished. They hang over this forest, clouding both the landscape and my mind. I chronicle as much of my memory as I can in words and pictures, but time's cruel flow has washed most of it away. I cannot even remember the face of my previous master.

Zethia : So when you said "uncountable years," you meant exactly that.

Celo : Yes. But now my wait is over. Together we will banish the mists between past and present. I believe in you. Allow me to accompany you deeper into the forest, where you will find what you seek.

Euden : Thank you, Cleo. I can't imagine standing guard over a land for so long, and I'm excited for you to show it to me.

Celo : It is...strange. I can no longer recall his face or voice, yet I feel certain you have his spirit.

Euden : Er, whose spirit?

Celo : A man now lost to mist. Come, Euden. I will show you the way.


The prince triumphs over the Windwyrm and completes his pact. Cleo, a sylvan and guardian of the Mistholt, guides the company deeper into the forest to find the Shard.

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