3. After the Battle

After the Battle | Dragalia Lost



Ranzal : Ngh... Dammit! Fine, I yield! I acknowledge your resolve... And I ALSO acknowledge that really hurt! Sorry I slighted ya. Peace?

Notte : Just grovel a liiittle bit more and then may we'll let you off the hook. Right, Euden?

Euden : I can tell you're a good person, Ranzal. You avoided striking at my heart or head, and I suspect you were holding back.

Ranzal : Heh. Saw that, did ya? Well, that already puts ya ahead of yer coward of a brother. You just might be growin' on me here! But tell me: Why're ya out here looking for a Sacred Shard all by yerself? Ya got six older siblings, yeah? I mean, so long as we count that craven, Emile. Why not just stay at the castle and wait for one'a them to get off their royal duff? This ain't yer fight.

Euden : My older brothers and sister have lands and people to defend. They can't abandon their stations. Also...I WANT to find the Shard. Everyone back at the royal city is counting on us to keep them safe. For the first time in my life, attempting the Dragon Choosing is the right thing to do–for me, AND for my kingdom.

Ranzal : Good answer. But I hope ya understand that it's a lot easier to SAY you'll keep people safe than it is to DO.

Zethia : He can do it! My brother will do all in his power to make Alberia a peaceful land where everyone prospers!

Ranzal : Well, ain't that a dreamy thought! Might wanna scale those expectations down a tick there, kid.

Euden : It's not dream. I told Zethia and Notte that I would do it, and now I'm telling you the same.

Elisanne : I know this all sounds like a flight of fancy... but His Highness has a certain zeal and conviction that makes me want to believe it all the same.

Ranzal : Heh. Look, I get that he's a big deal. Let's just hope he ain't also a big dummy. Anyway, all right. I can see yer worth takin' a chance on. I'll show ya to the Mistholt.

Zethia : Truly?!

Ranzal : BUT...it's literally a dragon's lair. The odds of yer crew gettin' ripped into tiny little pieces ain't low. Keep that in mind. Anyway, I gotta sharpen my axe. Lemme know when yer ready.

Euden : Wait. You're going in with us?

Ranzal : Course! Gotta see firsthand what kinda prince I'm dealin' with here. I'll even waive my usual fee. Now get the lead out already. We got us a dragonpact to seal!


After a grueling fight, the prince convinces Ranzal of his earnestness. Ranzal then joins the group and promises to show them the way to Mistholt.

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