1. The Veteran Mercenary

The Veteran Mercenary | Dragalia Lost



The Wooded City of Rovetelle.

On Elisanne's advice, the group travels to Rovetelle in search of the mercenary who claims to have seen the Mistholt. As they walk through the bustling city, they suddenly locate said mercenary...who turns out to be exceedingly friendly.

Ranzal : ...Huh? Yeah, I'm Ranzal. The hell do you guys want?

Seasoned Alberian Mercenary
"Arc in the Storm: Ranzal"

Notte : Wow! There sure is a lot of you, Ranzal. What do they feed you, anyway?

Ranzal : Mouthy little faeries. Now if ya don't mind, I got fiends to hunt and a traitor to catch. So buzz off.

Euden : Er, right. Sorry to intrude, but we really need to speak with you. My name is Euden, prince of Alberia. We heard you know the location of a place called the Mistholt and were wondering if you could tell us about it... The kingdom needs your help.

Ranzal : The hell are you goin' on about? fades to black
fades back in

Ranzal : ...So the Shard's power is fadin' away, is it? That's a shame. Guess that explains all the fiends. And now the royal family's scramblin' to find a replacement Shard, yeah? But why'd they send YOU? I mean, just look at ya! Yer nothin' more than a whelp!

Elisanne : Hold your tongue, peon! Unless you'd like me to remove it and relocate it to a more suitable location?

Ranzal : Easy there, lady! This tongue's good right where it is. I didn't mean to slight ya or nothin'. It just reminds me of my own younger, stupider days. Anyway. So ya need to find this "Mistholt" and make a pact with a dragon–that's the long and short of it, yeah?

Euden : Right. Can we trouble you to tell us where you found it?

Ranzal : Nope. Because if I tell, you'll run right over there and get yer scrawny little butts handed to ya.

Euden : Hold on. You're saying you WON'T help me save the kingdom?

Ranzal : YOU? Save the kingdom? Pffft! What, just like your brother Emile did? That son of a fiend PAID his way through the Dragon Choosing! Everyone knows it! Me and my people need us a real ruler, but he can't do squat to help 'cause his whole pact is a sham. He's a coward who wanted all the glory and none'a the responsibility, and I'm bettin' yer no different. You ain't royal. Not in a way that matters. No dragon'll ever choose ya. And if ya ain't got the courage to put yer life on the line, you'll never lead Alberia.

Zethia : But that's–

Ranzal : Go home. I'm done entertainin' this nonsense.

Notte : What do you know, you meathead?!

Ranzal : Oh ho! Well then, you think ya got guts? Go on and prove it. I'll be waitin' for ya in the forest. Take me down, and maybe I'll help.

Euden : We're not afraid of a little hard work. We'll gladly prove ourselves to you.


The mercenary Ranzal knows where to find the Mistholt, lair of the great Windwyrm. However, he distrusts royalty and refuses to help unless the prince is willing to find him in the forest and face him in combat.

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