4. The Lone Paladyn

The Lone Paladyn | Dragalia Lost



Assassin : Tsk! This is more than I bargained for. But I'll be back! Keep sticking your head into my affairs and watch how fast you lose it.

Having thwarted the assassin's gambit, our companions travel on until they find a place to rest beneath the trees.

Zethia : I'm so glad we arrived in time. What is your name, Paladyn?

"Paladyn of the Ilian Church"
"Annointed Lance: Elisanne"

Elisanne : I am Elisanne. And you are the maiden Zethia, are you not?

Zethia : You know of me?

Elissane : You are the Ilian Auspex and a member of the royal family, my lady. So yes, of course I know of you. What Paladyn wouldn't?

Euden : You're an impressive sight, Elisanne. Only a handful of the Church's knights are strong enough to become Paladyns.

Notte : Wait a sec. If you kick so much butt, they why'd that chump give you so much trouble earlier?

Elisanne : Forgive me, but I'd rather not discuss the matter.

Zethia : You wouldn't even tell the Auspex?

Elisanne : Not even you, my lady. ...Especially you.

Zethia : Very well. I respect your decision. But at least let me attend to your wounds.

Elisanne : By Ilia... They've healed! Instantly! Heh. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that the Auspex knows a thing or two about restorative magic.

Zethia : Well, I have to be good at something.

Euden : Zethia has saved my hide more times than I can count.

Zethia : Hee hee. Because you're constantly getting into trouble! Maybe I'm only good at healing because my brother gives me so much practice.

Elisanne : Your brother...? Hold a moment! Are you Prince Euden?! The king's seventh child? I thought you were her manservant! Oh, but this is simply mortifying. I am deeply sorry, Your Highness.

Notte : Yeah, he gets that a lot. Must be the hair.

Elisanne : I don't know what I was thinking! It is a great honor to be in the company of yourself and your younger sister, Your Highness.

Euden : Ha! Really, it's not that big a deal. I'm not half as famous as my elder siblings. But now that you're here, do you know where we can find the Mistholt? We've been trying to reach it for some time now without much success.

Elisanne : The Mistholt? Mmm, I've heard of it... Yes, there was a mercenary in Rovetelle who claimed to have encountered a dragon in a mist-cloaked wood.

Euden : That must be it! Thank you, Lady Elisanne. We'll pay Rovetelle a visit right away.

Elisanne : Oh! Wait! With your permission, might I accompany you as your bodyguard?

Zethia : Hmm?

Elisanne : It's the least I can do to repay you, my lady. If ever I prove to be a burden, you may feel free to dismiss me at once.

Euden : Dismiss you? We'd be lucky to have a knight like you by our side! You're more than welcome to come with us.

Zethia : Yes, please join us! Whenever I heal someone, I get a glimpse into their character. I can tell you have a pure heart, Lady Elisanne. As the goddess Ilia is my witness, I know it to be true.

Notte : Hey, no objections here. I'm good with whatever!

Elisanne : Thank you all. I promise to serve you loyally and well, Your Highness.

Euden : Great! Er, but promise me one thing... Can you ease up on the formalities? We'd rather you feel relaxed with us. We've got a long journey ahead of us, and it'll be a lot less stuffy for you to just use my name instead of "Your Highness."

Zethia : And please, call me Zethia. "My lady" and "Auspex" grow tiresome after a while.

Elisanne : Wh-what?! I wouldn't dare! I'd sooner tear my own tongue out and throw it into the flames!

Notte : Ugh, GROSS! Please do NOT do that. ...Oh, and I'm Notte, by the way.

Elisanne : ...Very well. I'll do my best to be less formal with you all. After all, how difficult can it be? Right, Ze... Z-Zeth...? *sigh* This is not working. Well, I suppose it'll take some getting used to, but I'll get there eventually. Now shall we be off?


The prince and his companions rescue Elisanne, a Paladyn from the Ilian Church. She offers to repay this kindness by joining them as their bodyguard.

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