2. In Pursuit of the Shard

In Pursuit of the Shard | Dragalia Lost



Several days earlier...
Kingdom of Alberia
–Sol Alberia Throne Room–

AureliusZethia, my sweet daughter. Hear me well. Alberia faces a terrible crisis. The Shard's power is fading.
ZethiaThe Sacred Shard? But that's the only thing stopping all manner of vicious fiends from pouring into the kingdom...
Aurelius Yes. And so a new Shard must be sought outside these castle walls. But only one who has forged a pact with a dragon may lay hands on so holy a relic. As a member of the Alberian royal bloodline, it falls upon me to head to the Binding Ruins to accomplish this task.
ZethiaBinding Ruins?! But no one has set foot on that soil since our forefathers, centuries ago! Are you certain you'll be safe?
AureliusWith my power, I should be able to overcome its challenges. Yet it would be foolish not to prepare for the worst. Euden!
EudenYou called, Father?
AureliusLegend has it a Sacred Shard is hidden in the Mistholt. However, its whereabouts are uncertain, and it would be foolish to send your elder siblings and leave their lands unguarded. Listen well, my son. You are to go to the forest, forge a pact with the Windwyrm, find the Shard, and return it here.
EudenThe Windwyrm... Isn't that one of the Six Greatwyrms that Alberius the Founder was pactbound to? No one has been able to do that before or since.
AureliusAll is as you say. But if you make a pact with the Windwyrm, I will grant your place in the royal succession. I know you have refused to face the Dragon Choosing thus far in order to sidestep conflict with your siblings. But now, I must place all my hopes inside that gentle heart of yours.
EudenFather... My king... I have no interest in dragons or pacts. But I would do anything to keep my kingdom and its people safe. So I will face the Dragon Choosing! I will return with a dragonpact just like my brothers and sister did–and the Sacred Shard, too!
AureliusThat I believe you will, my son.

And so I set out from the royal city. Along the way, I joined up with Zethia and Notte–who I discovered following me. Together, we managed to overcome the dangers that stood before us. We fought our way through the woods, and then...that woman appeared. But who is she, and why does she look like Zethia? With nothing but the dragon's counsel to guide us, we journeyed farther into the forest.

Euden*sigh* The lands here are blanketed in trees. The Mistholt could be anywhere.
ZethaiPerhaps some of the people living nearby could provide some help. Where there are dragons, there are legends and ballads. It could be they know a song or two about the Mistholt.
Notte...Hmm? Hey, someone's coming.
??? : *huff* *puff* Would you PLEASE listen? I have no quarrel with you!
Assassin : I care not. Now hold still and prepare to die.
??? : Ugh. I have to stay alive. I HAVE to. Why can't you understand?!
Assassin : Silence! The condemned have no voice with which to speak!
??? : Ah...
NotteAaaaaand...she's gone.
ZethaiDid you see that crest? She's a Paladyn. What is she doing all the way out here?
EudenI don't know, but she clearly needs our help. Come on!



1. Prologue
4. The Lone Paladyn

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