1. Prologue

Prologue | Dragalia Lost



A prince arrives at the forest of a legendary dragon known as the Windwyrm. To save his kingdom, the prince must forge a pact with the Windwyrm and harness his power.

Euden...This is it. The Windwyrm's wood. My forefather made a pact with this very dragon.
Euden : The pactstone must be here as well. And if so, I'm going to find it.
EudenThe people of Alberia are counting on me. I won't fail them!


One by one, with skill and confidence, the prince dispatches the fiends that attack him.

EudenThis place is overrun with fiends. Of all times...
Euden : I can't delay. I need that pactstone so I can claim the dragon's power!


One by one, with skill and confidence, the prince dispatches the fiends that attack him.

EudenTime is short. I need to use all my power!


The prince unleashes a powerful blow that annihilates his foes. But as he does, a voice issues from deeper in the wood warning him to turn back.

EudenNice. Nothing will keep me from that pact now!
??? : Turn back...You're making a terrible mistake...
EudenHuh? Who said that?!


Just as the prince is about to be done in by fiends, he is rescued by his twin sister, Zethia, and the faerie Notte. They agree that no matter how trying the ordeal, the three of them will face it together.

EudenIs that... magic?! What kind of fiends ARE these, anyway?!
Euden : Aaaaaagh! Nngh… I’m in trouble…
??? : Brother! I’ll get you out of there!
EudenZethia! Notte! What are you doing here? I told you to wait at the castle!
ZethiaYou shouldn’t try to do this alone. Let us help you!
NotteBesides, we both know the only reason you benched us is so we could come swooping in to save the day!
EudenI was TRYING to protect you! You both know these woods are home to all manner of terrible fiends!
NotteUgh! Protect us from what? That dark prison of death we just busted you out of?
ZethiaShe’s right, Brother. We agreed on this. No matter how trying the ordeal, the three of us must face it together.
EudenYou’re right. I was overconfident. And there’s no denying I could use the help. Thank you, both of you. Now let’s move out--our goal is just ahead.


The princess Zethia and the faerie Notte join forces with the prince. With hope renewed, the three push deeper into the forest.

EudenWe can do this if we work together. Now come on, let's keep fighting!
ZethiaI've got your back, Brother!
NotteMe too. Let's get this show on the road!


No sooner do the prince and company reach the heart of the forest than they are confronted by an ominous masked woman. Determined to stop the prince from forging a dragonpact, the woman summons forth a horde of fiends.

EudenThis is the heart of the forest. We made it.
EudenThanks, you two. I couldn’t have done it without you.
NotteVery true! ...Aw, but don’t be too hard on yourself. You fought well.
NotteNow, who’s ready to find a pactstone?! It’s gotta be around here somewh--
Masked Girl : Why have you come here? If you knew the powers you were trifling with…
ZethiaStay alert, Brother. Something about her is not right.
EudenYeah, that much is clear. ...You there! Identify yourself.
Masked Girl : I’ve no time to bandy about words. I will stop you from forging this dragonpact, no matter the cost!
EudenGya! How did she…? Zethia! Notte! Take cover!


Confronted with the masked woman's power, the prince and his friends appear defeated until he beseeches the dragon of the forest to grant him a pact. A menacing voice answers, and a pactstone appears to seal the accord.

ZethiaBrother! Hold on! I’ll heal you!
Masked Girl : You must put an end to this folly at once. I will see to it this mistake does not happen again!
Masked Girl : No… No, I’m so close! I can finish the task…. I… I just need more mana…
EudenI...I don’t understand what happened. The dark aura about her has completely fallen away.
EudenWell, seize the chance you’re given, I suppose.
Masked Girl : Stop! No closer!
NotteOooo...kay? Please tell me somebody has a plan for THAT.
EudenWe hold strong. Don’t worry. Zethia, Notte, I won’t let any harm come to either of you. There’s still a way!
EudenO great dragon of the forest! If you can hear my voice, then heed my call. Grant me the pactstone’s power!
??? : I hear your voice, pact-seeker…
??? : Now prove your feeble flesh can withstand the supreme power of a dragon!


The prince has forged a pact with the Windwyrm and now has the ability to shapeshift into a dragon.

Masked Girl : That light… The pactstone! But that can only mean one thing!
EudenThe dragon has answered me!


The prince defeats the fiends with the power of the dragon, but the masked woman summons even more as she moves to retreat. The prince then unleashes one last attack that cuts through the air and sunders the woman's mask.

Euden*pant* I...I shapeshifted… So the pactstone’s power is true.
Masked Girl : No… No no… He’s forged the pact again… Is there no changing this?
Masked Girl : I can stay here no longer… But I will return!
EudenHuh? More of them? Hyaaaa!
Masked Girl : Gya!


The woman's mask falls away, revealing she could be Zethia's twin. However, she vanishes before the mystery can be solved. The prince and friends celebrate the new dragonpact, but the dragon tells them the pact is temporary before asking the prince his name.

NotteWait, what? How? I mean, HUH?! That’s Zethia!
NotteBut it’s also not Zethia, because Zethia is standing over there and… WHAAAAT?!
Masked Girl : Nnngh… You weren’t supposed to find out.
Masked Girl : But regardless...our time is up. We will finish this unpleasantness another day.
EudenShe’s gone.
ZethiaAre you all right? Brother?
EudenI’m fine--and I’m glad to see you two are safe.
NotteSo, uuuh… I didn’t imagine that, right?
EudenNo, I saw it too. She looked exactly like Zethia.
ZethiaWhat could it mean? Who IS she?
EudenI don’t know. But I feel like our paths are definitely going to cross again…
EudenAnyway, let’s table that for now. Look!
ZethiaThe pactstone! You forged a dragonpact!
ZethiaNow you can join our brothers and sister in the line of succession!
NotteWoo-hoo! Man, that dragon must have seriously liked you!
EudenI suppose so. And I guess that means I’m in line for the throne now.
Mid GardsormrNot yet.
Euden“Not yet”? What do you mean, dragon?
Mid GardsormrI lent you my power only to stop the Otherworld’s encroachment. My pact with you is but a transient one.
Mid GardsormrI need to see how this unfolds. If you wish to see our pact made true, then journey now into the Mistholt.
NotteWait, so this pact is temporary? Can he even do that?! ...HEY, DRAGON! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT!
EudenI thought he gave up his power too easily… Very well, dragon. I’ll go where you ask, and I will prove myself to you!
Mid GardsormrYou have fire in you. I like that. Tell me your name.
Mid GardsormrEuden… It is a good name--and somehow familiar.
Mid GardsormrCome then, Euden. Find me in my abode at the Mistholt!



A prince arrives at the forest of a legendary dragon known as the Windwyrm. To save his kingdom, the prince must forge a pact with the Windwyrm and harness his power.

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