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    • The Ilian Faithful

      The Ilian Faithful

      Date : 1 week ago By : Panha
      We'll win with a pincer attack for sure. "No, we should charge and break through." "Hildegarde, a pincer is our best bet." "But focusing our strength is faster! Plus, we can't heal each other if we're separated."
    • Brothers in Arms

      Brothers in Arms

      Date : 1 week ago By : Panha
      I should have known the 'born assassin of the south' would be good at billiards. "Enough flattery, 'hidden hunter of the north.' The next shot is the last, so if you want to work with me, you'd better not miss."
    • Dazzling Duet

      Dazzling Duet

      Date : 1 week ago By : Panha
      Get ready, ladies and gents, 'cause you're about to see a special show this evening. "The choir and circus have come together for a splendid duet. We hope you enjoy it!"
    • A Small Courage

      A Small Courage

      Date : 1 week ago By : Panha
      I'll show you the results of my training! Hearing Hope's enthused voice, I knew I had no choice but to give my all. Now a Templar, he was aiming to become the next Heavenwing, and asked me to assist him.
    • Ariel


      Date : 1 week ago By : Panha
      Dragalia Lost Dragon Ariel: Wind Class, Obtained as a 5 star, Max HP 369, Max STR 127, Skill is Cyclone Kick that deals wind damage to the target and nearby enemies and inflict stun.