Miraculous outcome goku & frieza (final form) (angel)

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[Dokkan Battle] Miraculous Outcome Goku & Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)


RarityTypeMax LevelCost


StateBaseMAX MIN
MAX Potential


Leader Skill
  • "Representatives of Universe 7" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +177%; or TEQ Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +90%
Super Attack
  • Limitbreaking Assault (12-17 Ki)
    (Causes colossal damage to enemy and lowers ATK)
  • Miracle of Universe 7 (18+ Ki)
    (Causes mega-colossal damage to enemy and lowers ATK & DEF)
Passive Skill
  • Miraculous Cooperation
    (ATK & DEF +77% when attacking; plus an additional ATK +77% when performing an Ultra Super Attack; plus an additional ATK +77% when the target enemy is in "ATK Down" status)
Link Skill


AcquiredDokkan Awaken end-of-an-old-grudge-goku-frieza-final-form-angel


  • 12 Ki multiplier is 150%; 24 Ki Multiplier is 200% (full 12-24 Ki Multipliers table)
  • Maximum Super Attack level is 20, which increases the SA multiplier by an additional 30%
  • Goku & Frieza's Passive Skill only activates upon attacking, meaning that the boost are under a single calculation, resulting inn a total of ATK +231%
  • Goku & Frieza's third Passive Skill boost will only activate if another unit has already lowered the enemy's ATK otherwise attacking the enemy will only result in a +154% ATK boost