What is shenron?

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle | What is Shenron?

This talk about Shenron the wish dragon in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. And It will tell you about the wish list information and the Dragon Ball balls location.

Let's Collect Dragon Ball Balls!

DBZ Dokkan Battle Shenron

Collect the seven Dragon Ball Balls that falling on the map to call Shenron Dragon.

By calling Shenron, you can make a useful wish that help you to make the character stronger and easily to completed the Quest.

How to check the Dragon Ball balls location

Menu Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Shenron

From the menu screen tap the icon name "Shenron"

Shenron Screen
DBZ Dokkan Battle Shenron ScreenTap on the Dragon Ball that you want to check the location.
Drop Location Screen
Dragon Ball Location ScreenDragon Ball location is display.


You can make a wish after you collect the seven dragon ball.

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