Super battle road

Super Battle Road


An Extremely challenging event is now on!

Build the strongest teams and take on formidable enemies from 10 stages!

Event Details

There are a total of 10 stages in this event.

Each stages has a type restriction which mean you will need to form a deck of the same type in other to play the following stage type.

Continue are not allowed in all stages!

Choose which stage that you have confident on your team card. 

Enemies will change randomly each time you join a stage.

Get 5 Dragon Stones and 1 Victory's Light each time yu complete a stage!

Stage 1: "[Vs.Super PHY] Super Battle Road"

Stage 2: "[Vs.Extreme PHY] Super Battle Road"

Stage 3: "[Vs.Super STR] Super Battle Road"

Stage 4: "[Vs.Extreme STR] Super Battle Road"

Stage 5: "[Vs.Super INT] Super Battle Road"

Stage 6: "[Vs.Extreme INT] Super Battle Road"

Stage 7: "[Vs.Super TEQ] Super Battle Road"

Stage 8: "[Vs.Extreme TEQ] Super Battle Road"

Stage 9: "[Vs.Super AGL] Super Battle Road"

Stage 10: "[Vs.Extreme AGL] Super Battle Road"

All Stage are on z hard super 3 difficulty. 

Down below is all the random enemies player will face.

astonishing strategy naisea monster unleashed majin buuaiming for the top super saiyan 2 gokuandroid 14android 15brothers will super saiyan gohan teenbrothers wish super saiyan gotenk kid
brutal battlefield diva zangyacombative will super saiyan 2 vegetaconfident grin zarboncrane school prestige master shencultivated technique piccolodangerous cyborg figher cacoudaring charger daiz
darstardly swordman goukadecimating power douredefying the all powerful super saiyan trunks kiddodoriaelite warriors rage nappaengineered evil andriod 19enraged on slaught super saiyan gotenk kid
everything at stake super saiyan 2 vegetaevil borne monster andriod 13faith in super fusion super saiyan gotenksfathers pride super saiyan gokuferocious physique amondfuture carving power super saiyan trunks teengalactic annihilation full power boujack
gentle hearted warrior super saiyan gohan youthgoddess of peace great saiyaman-2hero of love and justice great saiyamanhonorable fighter captain ginyuinherited honor super saiyan vegetainherited mission super saiyan 2 gohan teenirrepressible impact mr buu
malvolent magician babidimaster martial artist chaiotzumaster of magic guldomaximum firepower jeicemercenary mettles cybrg taomerciless super natural power bujinmesmerizing might videl
mightiest of monarchs king coldmindpower destruction rasinnamekain rage piccolonever ending assault recoomeoverbearing-power-super-saiyan-2-vegetapassionate-frindship-krillinperfect power cell
pure confidence super vegetapure corruption dr geroreborn-for-revenge-mecha-friezaruthless intellect thousersaiyan elite vegetaseverance of all hope friezasimple minded devil cell jr
space invader full raditzspeed tactic buterstar crossed fate bardocksurging spirits super trunktalented son super saiyan trunk kidterrifying pressure coorathe last instant transmission super saiyan goku
the power to shake the universe super saiyan 3 gokuundisputed champion herculeunfaltering spirit tienunwavering confidence yamchavicious power fighter bidovile-and-violent-turtleswarrior of conviction tora
warrior of ferocity shugeshwarrior of few words borgoswarrior of daring fasha    

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