Dragon ball z dokkan battle | type and compatibility

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle | Type and Compatibility

This is an article that talk about the attributes that you need to understand during the battle of "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle". It summarizes the number, type and advantageous compatibility of attributes in table.

About the Attribute of "DBZ Dokkan Battle"

In DBZ Dokkan Battle each character has five attributes.

Each attributes compatibility have Advantageous and Disadvantage.

Once you attack the enemy with advantage attribute you can do multiplied damage by 1.5 times.

Conversely, if you compatinility is bad, the damage you do to enemy maybe be less than halg.

The same can be said when you receving an attack from enemy with advantage, it will do more damage to you as well. So it's very important to understant to be involved in damage.

About Attribute Compatibility

Compatibility by Color
DBZ Dokkan Battle Compatibility by Color


This figure shows the advantage attributes by color display during in-game battle.

This figure display on the upper right of the screen.


Attribute (color)Compatibility
DBZ Dokkan Battle PHYStrong against INT, but weak against STR
DBZ Dokkan Battle INTStrong against TEQ, but weak against PHY
DBZ Dokkan Battle TEQStrong against AGL, but weak against INT
DBZ Dokkan Battle AGLStrong against STR, but weak against TEQ
DBZ Dokkan Battle STRStrong against PHY, but weak against AGL

If the attribute is advantage the damage increases, but if you attack the disadvantage attribute the damage will not be given as you think.

Arrangement during Battle

Better attribute do good damage to enemy
DBZ Dokkan Battle Battle Screen



If the enemy is a weak attribute, you can activate the guard.

By activating the guard, damage can be reduced to about half of normal.


In this case the enemy attribute compatibility is STR.

Let's put Goku with AGL attribute compatibility, so it will do more damage to enemy.



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