Dragon ball z dokkan battle passive skill

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle | Passive Skill

What is Passive Skill?

The special ability to demonstrate under certain conditions during the battle is "Passive Skill".

Each character has various characteristics, and the exercise conditions also depend on passive skills (some activate only by team up).

Passive Skill are activate in the automatically when the character that has the skill is in the attacking party when specific circumstances are met.

Check Passive Skill

Open Character detail screen like the image. The touch the "Touch" part that circle by blue color.

Super Saiyan God SS Goku

A screen like the image which was hidden from "TOUCH" on the character detail screen is displayed.

The part surrounded by the blue color of the image is "Passive Skill"

Passive Skill


There are many very powerful things for different passive skill depending on the character.

It's aslo depend on the taste of the player as well.

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