How to play dice?

How to proceed with good efficiency

About  Quest of 'Dokkan Battle"

In the Quest of "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle" proceed to Suogoroku and defeat the boss.

In the Quest map, we will decide the number of frames to advance from the three numbers.

Dokkan Battle Quest map

Icon List on Quest

Battle Mass
Battle Mass when you stop at this point, the battle begin. It's not important, so you can pass by too.
Forced Battle Mass
Force Battle Mass This point can not pass through, and the battle will be forced to start. The character "STOP" is a landmark.
Damage Mass
Damage Mass Once you stop at this point you will receive damage. It will be damaged in random range from 1 / 10th of HP.
Dragon Ball Mass
Dragon Ball Mass Once you stop at this point, you will get Dragon Ball.
Fortune-telling Babamas
Babamas If you stop on this point, you can get items in exchange for Zenny.
Zeny Mass
Zeny Mass If you stop at this point, you will receive ramdom Zeny.
Supporting Capsule
Supporting Capsule If you stop at this point, you will receive a Supporting Item.
Training Capsule
Training Capsule If you stop at this point, you will receive a Training Item.
Awaken Capsule
Awaken Capsule If you stop at this point, you will receive a Awaken Medal.
Power Up Mass
Power Up Mass Once you at this ponit, ramdom character will power up from 1 to 3.
Question Mark Mass
Question Mark Mass If you stop at this point, you ramdomly get damage, zenny or items.

How to play dice?

Dose anyone have problem to get Dragon Ball, Awaken Medal, Supporting Item or Training Item? If you have that problem you can follow this little trick. I will describe how to do it.

The number of frames 1 to 3 is important

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Map

Although it is a simple thing, since the maximun number of frames of dice is 6, if you have as many as 1 to 4 it easy for you to stop in the target you want.

As you can see on the picture, the distance from the boss to Dragon Ball is 4 so it easy for you to get that Dragon Ball by saving that number 4 until you defeated the boss.

If you use this priciple, if applied after a forced battle mass, if there are rare item the application will work as well.


Dragon ball z dokkan battle | screen battle

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