Ultimate awakened power

Ultimate Awakened Power

An extremely difficult event is available now!
Take up the challenge from Ultimate Gohan whose power has been awakened!

Event Guide:

There are 3 stage in this event.
Stage 1: "Unawakened Ability" is available on  normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.
Clear z-Hard for a chance to get Z-Sword or other rare items!
Stage 2: "The Extreme Force" is only available on z-Hard.
Clear z-Hard to earn the Exclusive Elder Kai Awakening Medal Gohan will employ the skill "Ultimate  Awakening" which reduces the received damage and "True Power" which boosts ATK. He will also release "Energy Eruption" to randomize the Ki Spheres!
Stage 3: "The Ultimate Form" is only available on Super2 hard.
In Stage 3,  Ultimate GOhan will use the skills "Ultimate Awakening" "True Power" and "Energy Eruption"! Ultimate Gohan will be and extremely tough opponent if you don't fight against him with the team formed by characters who can nultify his skills!

Stage Guide & Reward:

Stage 1: "Unawakened Ability" normal.jpg hard.jpg z-Hard.

Slumbering Strength GohanSteely Gohan (KID)Rocky Road to peace (Gohan)Unyeilding SinceritySuper Saiyan Gohan (Teen)
TEQINTSuper AglSuper INT


Rank exp 1500 4000 8000
Zeni 3200 6000 12500
Dragon Stone 1 1  1

Stage 2: "The extreme force" z-Hard.

Latent Power Gohan (Teen)Power Awakened Ultimate GohanUltimate Power serge Ultimate Gohan
super strsuper phy Super INT


Rank exp 15000
Character exp 80000
Zeni 20000
Drop x3-6 Awakening medals elder kai
Dragon Stone 1

Stage 3: "The Ultimate Gohan Form" Super2 hard.

Birth of a hero Gohan (Teen)The sign of Ultimate Evolution Gohan (Teen)Disciplined Might Ultimate GohanHidden power unleashed Ultimate Gohan
super strsuper phy Super TEQsuper str


Rank exp 20000
Character exp 120000
Zeni 35000
Drop  x7 Awakening medals elder kai
Dragon Stone 1

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